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Build Your Own Caséta System: 

Caseta Bridge
  Step 1: Start with a Bridge 
The Caséta Smart Bridge is the hub of your Caséta System. Plug it into your home's WiFi router and download the app in order to setup and operate your Caséta system from anywhere in the world with Internet access.
Do you ever want your Caséta system to control shades, or to connect to your A/V or security systems? Then opt for the PRO model. If not, the standard model will work just fine!
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Caseta Dimmer and Pico 
Step 2: Add Switches and Dimmers
 Install Caséta switches and dimmers in the place of your existing light switches and dimmers, so you may need an electrician to help! Buy one switch or dimmer for each switch or dimmer you want to replace.
Look out for multi-location (3-Way) switches and dimmers! You only need one switch or dimmer for each group of lights. See Step 3, Add Pico Remotes, to learn what to do with those other switch and dimmer locations in 3 Way situations.
WATCH OUT! Make sure your lights are dimmable, and that they are within the wattage rating of your switch or dimmer. 
Consult an electrician if you need help!
Step 3: Add Pico Remotes      
Pico Controls are small, battery powered remotes than can be programmed using the Caséta App to control any switches or dimmers in your lighting system! Buy one with a wall adapter to mount it in place of your old light switch. Or, add a pedestal and keep it on a table. You can even buy a visor kit, and mount it to your car's sun visor to turn those lights on when you get home!
Step 4: Add Accessories        
Shop around! There are lots of great accessories you can add to your Caséta system, including occupancy sensors, lamp dimmers, plug dimmers... Contact us with any questions!
Step 5: Automated Shades
Caséta works with Serena and Triathlon shades by Lutron. Contact our service partner, Mojo Smart Home, for a quote on automated shades!

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